fifty-six Parent’s Guide for July 8-14, 2017



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JOHN 8:58 (NLT)

Jesus answered, “I tell you the truth, before Abraham was even born, I am!”

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Bottom Line


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Focus of Teaching for This Series

How do you normally introduce yourself? Maybe you start with, “Hi. I’m (insert your name here).” But what comes after that? Sure, you can talk about where you go to school, or what hobbies you’re into, but that doesn’t really introduce anyone to you, just facts about you. When Jesus talked about Himself, He would make statements like, “I am the Good Shepherd” and, “I am the bread of life.” As strange as they sound, these statements give us a better picture of who Jesus is. Because if He is a shepherd, then we are His sheep. And if He is the bread of life, then we can be satisfied in Him. In this series, we’ll discover that the way Jesus described Himself, gives us a clue into who we are as well.

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Key Question

Who do you think Jesus is?

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Social Media

You will see us posting these images and others like it to connect the weekend teaching with the everyday life of preteen students. Feel free to post this on your own social media accounts and tag us with @mpccfiftysix or just use it to text or email to your own child(ren).

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Teaching Summary

Stereotypes permeate our lives. Every day, we make snap decisions about people based on things like where they live, how they dress, and the rumors we hear from others. This is nothing new. Even Jesus had to combat the assumptions people made about Him. In this series, we’ll be talking about some of the statements Jesus made about Himself in an attempt to clear the air about His identity. This week, we’ll see that Jesus is God. Just like it can be difficult to change our preconceived opinions of others, not everyone in Jesus’ day was willing to accept that He was who He said. But if Jesus is God, then we can trust Him.


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