When do we allow our children to feel the sting of failure while we are in their life to coach them through it?


Do you remember the first time you realized that there were REAL bad people in the world and not just in books or movies? That realization probably came during your elementary school years. It is during this stage that children begin to understand that bad things happen in our world. When our children are faced with this reality, it begs us, the parent, to ask, how do I talk to my child about evil; that evil is real, that it exits?

We want to help you navigate how to talk candidly with your child about evil, while at the same time protecting them from the fear and anxiety that can develop when people think about evil in our world. Check out this month’s video on How to Teach Our Children About Evil in the World.

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Parenting Class Video


Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or problems with these resources!

p.s. Watch for more help in part 2!


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