This month’s video provides some great ideas for Personal God Things to Share With Your Child to encourage their spiritual growth.

Many parents communicate that they are at a loss when it comes to answering kids’ tough questions about God. For example, when someone close passes away—a friend or family member—parents scramble to teach their kids about life, death and heaven. More often than not, parents end up avoiding complicated matters altogether!

Instead of waiting until certain topics come up, make a list of subjects you want to talk about and begin addressing them one by one, casually, but through your eyes. How do you know God is real? Share that with your child! How have you experienced God’s love? Try to express this in a way they can understand; this means talking to your child about what you believe personally.

Annemarie Scobey produces a family spirituality newsletter where she describes how she and her husband share “the little miracles or Godincidences” as she calls them with their children. She has found her children are beginning to understand how God is involved in everything in life! She says doing this has taught her kids that a relationship with God is not about praying for miracles, but rather giving credit to God when you know He has been involved.

This week’s video offers four solid ideas for spiritual things you can talk about with your kids. When they hear about your experiences, they will be better prepared for understanding God’s involvement when they go through their own.

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