This month’s parenting video features a unique topic: how to fight fair with your kids. Does it seem a little strange to receive information on how to fight with your kids? The reality is fights happen. But there are healthy, effective ways to manage arguments to achieve positive results rather than building a thicker wall between you and your kid.

Arguments, more often than not, are power struggles; both people want to be right and will fight to the bitter end to end up on top as the winner. Recognizing this is what is going on with your child could shift how you approach the argument! They are little people acting out of their sin nature that everyone has—young and old alike. They want to win.

Here is where it’s important for you as the parent to act as the parent. Do a self-check for any anxiety you might be bringing in to the situation. Have you had a stressful day at work? Have you been arguing with your spouse or a friend? Your issues at that moment could play into how you respond. They could possibly cloud the situation at hand, and you might not see things not as they really are.

However, if the discussion escalates to a place of disrespect, your job is to make sure you don’t spiral to that same place as well. No matter how your child acts, responds or disrespects you, no matter how angry he or she gets, your son on daughter does not control how you behave. You can control your response. Charles Stanley once wrote, “A Christian has no right to fight unless it’s a spiritual fight.”

We sure hope this Online Parenting class has been helpful in dealing with fights that might erupt with your child. God’s Word promises that when we ask for help, He will respond: “Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need” (Heb. 4:16). I’m here to help you, too! Don’t hesitate to email!


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p.s. Watch for more help in part 2!