Have you noticed your child sometimes won’t open up to you but seems to share everything with another family member or even a teacher or Sunday school leader? Sometimes, for whatever reason, kids close up to parents. Our video this month talks about the importance of considering inviting a Third Party into your parenting relationship—someone who can come alongside your child as they move into their tween and teen years who will listen to them and invest in their life.

Mentors are not parents, and they are more than friends. According to Mimi Bullock in her article How to Mentor a Christian Child, mentors are “God-appointed guides that lead children” through different seasons in their life. Children face a different world than their parents with powerful influences—both good and bad. A mentor can help kids find their way through tough times, help them make sense of who they are in the world and be a sounding board. Sometimes parents just can’t fill those roles.

Try not to look at a mentor relationship as failure as a parent. The Bible actually encourages many different mentoring relationships in a person’s life! Proverbs 11:14 reads: “Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.” The more positive relationships a child has in his or her life, the better.

As always, we pray this Online Parenting Class is helpful for you, the parent. Inviting a third party into your child’s life may be one of your best parenting decisions! I am always here to listen and help where I can.


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p.s. Watch for more help in part 2!