Fellow Parents,

We would all agree that today we live in a consumerist society, and, sadly, when it comes to children and parents this can be the case as well. Parents are the givers of parental services and children are consumers. When we act as a consumer-only, we don’t sense the right to GIVE anything, and in the case of this month’s parenting class, that often includes RESPECT.

We want our children to be respectful towards us, towards their siblings, their friends, their teachers. Actually we expect them to be respectful towards EVERYONE. But how do we move from wanting a respectful child to actually having one? Check out this month’s video to begin the conversation on instilling respect.

We’ll be in touch later this month with more practical tools on HOW TO instill respect in your child.

Your partner,

Mike Sheley

August Parenting Class Video

Here’s a short, 5-minute video to help begin the conversation on instilling respect!


Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or problems with these resources!

All of these resources are available because of our partnership with ParentMinistry.net. These are for families connected with the fifty-six Student Ministry and Mount Pleasant Christian Church, Greenwood, Indiana. If you or your church is interested in this strategy, please partner with ParentMinistry.net.

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