This resource is provided to you by one of our partners, Leneita Fix. Leneita has been involved in youth or family ministry for over 22 years serving in rural, suburban and urban settings, camps, small and large churches and non-profits. She has authored or co-authored several youth ministry books, including Everybody’s Urban, Understanding the Survival Mode of the Next Generation, and contributes to several youth ministry websites and curriculum companies including Leadertreks, Simply Youth Ministry, Lifetree Family, Download Youth Ministry, BrightHope Ministries, InWord, YM360 and of course at ParentMinistry. Leneita is the missions, family and training coordinator for BowDown Church, co-founded a coaching and training organization called Frontline Urban Resources and lives with her amazing husband John and four children in Florida.What is It?
Let’s face it. Parents connecting with their teens and preteens can be difficult at times. Parents are busy and often overwhelmed. This resource is 25 quick and easy ways you can connect with your kids in a meaningful way.How do I use it?
The biggest way to use it is to accept the challenge to connect with your preteens and teens in one of these ways each week for 25 weeks.Or, start a 25 day challenge with another family or families and see which can complete all 25 activities.The simplest way to use it is simply to look over these 25 ideas and pick one to try with your family.  Doing something is always better than doing nothing.  And doing one thing is a big step towards doing more things.There are lots of ways you can use this resource! A big thanks to Leneita Fix for allowing us to give it out to you. I hope this is a blessing to you and your parents!

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All of these resources are available because of our partnership with These are for families connected with the fifty-six Student Ministry and Mount Pleasant Christian Church, Greenwood, Indiana. If you or your church is interested in this strategy, please partner with


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