Heart Strings

What is it?

“Heart Strings” is an ebook for those of you who have kids who are learning to play an instrument. This ebook will help you with some tough questions like:

  • “What happens when it gets hard?”
  • “What do I do when my kid wants to quit?”
  • “What do I do when my kid’s friends are getting better, faster?”
  • “How do I encourage my kid to keep working, to keep practicing, to push through even when he or she feels like giving up?”
  • How do I help my kid practice when I don’t know anything about music myself?”


Click below to download this resource:

Heart Strings eBook


All of these resources are available because of our partnership with ParentMinistry.net. These are for families connected with the fifty-six Student Ministry and Mount Pleasant Christian Church, Greenwood, Indiana. If you or your church is interested in this strategy, please partner with ParentMinistry.net.


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